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Established in August 2018 by award-winning Haitian-American entrepreneur and ecosystem architect Shaïna Silva, #SHE_BUILDS is a platform that exists to inspire, empower, and equip women of color to take bold steps to realizing their full potential, and scale their impact globally.



In her 10 years of building ecosystems across the US, Latina America, the Caribbean and Africa, Shaïna experienced first hand the gaps that existed when too few women were being included in the conversations, competitions, and support programs, particularly in the tech space. Too few role models existed, emerging talent was overlooked and remained largely invisible to the broader public, and too many media platforms focused on the success of male entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators.

Moreover Shaïna also recognized that the global diaspora was highly disconnected to one another, and therefore could not easily leverage one another to tap into diverse global networks and marketplaces, or make a collective impact in their native country.

Shaïna created #SHE_BUILDS to address these challenges, and build an ecosystem that would not only surface and spotlight the incredible talent pool of female builders that exist in our communities around the world, but to also equip women with the resources, tools, and networks to scale their impact  globally.




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  1. Just wanted to congratulate you all on such an amazing idea. Being a young Haitian Woman myself it is always great to know that there is a platform of such that will uplift and motivate woman to greatness. Thank you for putting time in effort in putting this together!!

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