SB_Boston Featured Builder: Chardline Chanel, Travel & Style Influencer, and Intake Specialist at the Boston Mayor’s Office of Fair Housing and Equity


Chardline Chanel is a style, beauty, and fitness and travel influencer. Her blog curates fashion & beauty trends, engages her audience in her fitness and health journey, gives interactive updates on her travels around the globe and promotes body positive spaces. Realizing the strength and breadth of her voice, she actively works to bring awareness to the underrepresentation of plus-size women in mainstream media and will continue to advocate on their behalf. When she isn’t blogging or training for her first 10k with her trainer OJ Fit, she is employed by the Boston Mayor’s Office of Fair Housing and Equity; where she works as the Intake Specialist and Investigator. Also, Chardline has completed two years of her Master of City Planning at Boston University. With interest in sustainability and a focus on equitable distribution of resources for vulnerable communities in the City of Boston, Chardline has also completed her graduate certificate in Applied Sustainability. It is Chardline’s hope that she can bring to light the effect of climate change on communities that are marginalized or ill-equipped to deal with the unintended consequences of climate change. Recently, Chardline was featured in a segment on Chronicle 5, where she spoke about her growth as a blogger and her major campaign sponsorships in 2017.