SB_Gonaives Featured Builder: Fédorah Pierre-Louis


Volunteering in a literacy program while still in high school, Fédorah realized that the best way to contribute to social and economic progress in her country was through quality education. She’s been working in the field for over 15 years, which overlap with 7 years in the Humanitarian World. After her high school studies, Fédorah lived in the Dominican Republic for 10 years before returning to Haiti in 2011. She is currently the Public Engagement Director for World Vision Haiti where she leads communication and advocacy strategic efforts engaging with key stakeholders to influence culture and practice in causes that promote child well-being and child proctection. Heart-Led Leadership is a significant component of Fédorah’s work style as a Public Relations and Communication Strategist. She also works as a professor at the Faculty of Languages and Human Sciences of Notre Dame University in Haiti and runs a Freelance AudioVisual Concept Creation Agency that specializes in copywriting , branding, strategy design , public speaking, graphic design initiatives.