SB_San Francisco Featured Builder: Roshell Rosemond Rinkins, Founder of Liquid Courage


This Ft. Lauderdale native has built mastery in strategic sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management honed at some of the nation’s top companies including Apple, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs. As the Founder of Liquid Courage Cosmetics, Roshell leads a world class beauty lifestyle movement providing high-quality lipsticks for beauty enthusiasts conquering life, family, career and everything in between. Her expertise has been featured in various media outlets including Nasdaq, the Huffington Post, several business/entrepreneurship related podcasts, among others. Roshell recently was named “40 Under 40” by the Procter & Gamble Alumni network recognizing employees who continue the mission of touching and improving lives.