SB_Baltimore Featured Builder: PJ Pierre Jerome, Founder of Free Queen Collective


The Baltimore Chapter of the #SHE_BUILDS Global Initiative is launching on Oct 28th 2018 at the Impact Hub Baltimore. To celebrate the activation, Sabrina Depestre, Chapter Ambassador for #SHE_BUILDS_Baltimore will be spotlighting the talented creative entrepreneur: PJ Pierre Jerome, Founder of the Free Queen Collective.


PJ is a free-spirit, community lover, and overall curious being. While pursuing her post-graduate studies in Intercultural Communication at UMBC, she began hosting monthly Head Wrap Happy Hours (HWHH) as a space for her to relax, connect and bond with like-minded sisters, while exploring her identity as a Haitian-American woman. Inspired by the sense of community cultivated within these events, PJ decided to establish Free Queen Collective, LLC (FQC) in March 2017. Regular events sustain FQC’s purpose of creating empowering spaces for women; while a vibrant head wrap collection subsidizes these efforts. PJ’s role in the business is one of direction, support, and facilitation. As the collective flourishes and opportunities increase, this Queen directs her personal and professional growth towards this exciting endeavor of sisterhood.

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