Spotlight on #SHE_BUILDS Orlando Chapter Leader


Sandy Sophia Laborde’s passion for the advancement of the Haitian Community led her to leave corporate America, where she invested 15 years in leadership roles, to push and organize literacy programs for Haitian adults. The magnitude of assistance the community needed would elevate her towards the life of a social entrepreneur. Even though Ms. Laborde would free lance in working with several television companies, In 2014, she officially began working with the Television Network, HAITI HD. Ms. Laborde would go on to interview many Haitian Public Figures and Celebrities. One of her most memorable interviews being with Laurant Lamothe, where she was the only media professional of Haitian descent to interview him for winning the Innovator Award from Latin America. “Yon Ti Moman Ak Sandy” later launched in Canada on basic cable, being shown in over 4 million homes. Today she has 3 shows, changing the image of Haitians internationally, one episode at a time.